07 January 2017

Hello world

This is the new vagish dot com website, I actually call it that because one of my clients actually had me saved as vagish dot com in his phone and would call me that on his phone. It then stuck, especially for my own website development.

Deciding what this website should entail has been difficult. I have been a blogger, entrepreneur, student and software developer over the last couple of years. I often come by with millions of ideas on things to do, but rarely have time to implement those ideas. Maybe this should be my place to voice my entrepreneurial side? Or should I be discussing topics of the latest development frameworks or development projects I am working on? Or should this be about me (a Briton) living in the USA? All very different niches which could be covered.

I am still at a loss on which path to take, so I may as well do them all. In the future I might branch out some of these posts into their own websites to have some sort of separation.